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District Summary

Brooks County Independent School District: Unleashing Potential Across Campuses

The Brooks County Independent School District (BCISD) nurtures and challenges students across four vibrant campuses, each fostering unique strengths and fostering a love for learning. From engaging extracurriculars to specialized programs, BCISD equips its students with the tools and opportunities to shine.

Lasater Elementary (PK-3): The foundation of BCISD, Lasater embraces the magic of early childhood education. Playful learning environments spark curiosity, while personalized instruction cultivates individual growth. Lasater's dedication to literacy sets the stage for lifelong academic success.

Falfurrias Elementary (1-5): Building upon the fundamentals, Falfurrias Elementary ignites intellectual flames. A dynamic curriculum engages young minds in STEM learning, creative expression, and problem-solving. Strong anti-bullying initiatives create a safe and supportive environment, fostering social and emotional growth.

Falfurrias Junior High (6-8): Transitioning to adolescence, Falfurrias Junior High empowers students to explore their passions and discover their voices. A robust elective program offers diverse choices, ranging from robotics and coding to fine arts and world languages. Dedicated athletic programs and student clubs cultivate teamwork and leadership skills.

Falfurrias High School (9-12): Preparing students for their futures, Falfurrias High School provides a pathway to success. Rigorous academic courses, including Advanced Placement and dual credit college offerings, challenge and prepare students for higher education. Career and Technical Education programs deliver real-world skills in fields like welding, agriculture, and business.

Beyond the Bell: BCISD's commitment to student well-being extends beyond the classroom. After-school programs like LEAP provide academic support and enrichment activities. A thriving athletics program offers a variety of sports, fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Numerous clubs and organizations, from National Honor Society to robotics teams, allow students to pursue their interests and connect with peers.

Special Recognition:

  • District of Innovation: BCISD embraces innovative approaches to education, tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of its students.
  • Strong Academic Standing: Earning a "B" rating from the Texas Education Agency, BCISD demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Dedicated Educators: BCISD attracts and retains passionate educators who provide personalized support and guidance.