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School Safety and Security

Jose V. Rivera
Safety and Security Director
Brooks County ISD

Mary Mirelez
Security DAEP

Roel Rosas
Security Falfurrias High School

Eliza Lara Gonzalez
SRO Falfurrias High School

Rogelio Flores
Security Falfurrias Elementary School

Guadalupe Munoz
SRO Falfurrias Elementary School

Syliva Hernandez
Security Falfurrias Junior School

Estella Garza
Security Falfurrias High School


As required by Texas Education Code 37.109. BCISD’s Safety and Security Committee will assist us in coordinating and overseeing our campus and district-wide efforts in keeping our students and staff safe and secure.  The committee is comprised of membership representative of emergency management, school board, law enforcement, school staff and administration whose responsibility is to ensure the District has reviewed all facilities for optimal safety and security. The committee will utilize the District Emergency Operations Plan and the School District Safety Audit as guiding documents to fortify our school facilities. The members for the BCISD Safety and Security Committee are:

Dr. Maria Rodriguez-Casas - Superintendent 
James Maupin - School Board Member
Jose Lopez - School Board Member
Maria Anzualda - School Board Member
Jose V. Rivera - Safety and Security Director
Rita Ramos - Teacher FHS
Selina Trevino - Teacher FES
Angela Garcia - Teacher FJH
Jaime Rosas - Teacher FHS
Danny Cabrera - Parent
Joanna Guerra - Parent
Rene Longoria - Parent
Selina Munoz - Parent
Javier Aleman - Parent
Irene Escalante - Grandparent

Alberto Gonzalez - Constable
Ruben Ramirez Jr. - Fire Chief

Eric Ramos - Brooks County Judge



School Safety Committee Agenda and Minutes

Strengthening Community Safety: Active Shooter Training took place at the Falfurrias High School. July 3-4 was Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) and July 5-6 was an Active Shooter training. The sharing of resources among law enforcement agencies in Brooks County is vital to ensuring the safety and security of our district. The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) and Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) training focused on integrated response tactics, teaching officers how to coordinate with fire and EMS services during an active attack scenario. The participation of the Brooks County Constables and Sheriff’s Deputies in this training was a commendable effort towards enhancing their ability to respond effectively in crisis situations, thereby contributing to the safety of the children in this community.  

Special Recognition: Key Participants in Falfurrias Active Shooter Training- Brooks County Sheriff, Benny Martinez, sets a sterling example with his active involvement in this training. His dedication to staying updated on the latest law enforcement strategies is commendable and inspiring. He leads by example, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning within his team. County Deputy SRO, Eliza Gonzalez, also deserves special mention. Her participation underscores her commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment for the students she serves. Her efforts contribute significantly to the overall safety of our schools. Constables Alberto "Beto" Gonzalez of Pct. 1 and Ramiro Gonzalez of Pct. 2 have shown outstanding dedication through their involvement in this training. Their willingness to continually improve their skills is a testament to their commitment to their precincts and the wider community. Lastly, we acknowledge Safety Security Director JV Rivera for his participation in the training. His role is crucial in maintaining a safe and secure environment, and his commitment to professional development enhances his ability to fulfill this role effectively. 


Strengthening Community Safety:
Active Shooter Training in Falfurrias Texas